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The City of Altoona is right around the corner from Eau Claire. Altoona has been named one of the top five fastest growing city in Wisconsin per the U.S. Census Bureau - a great place to call home!

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With lakes for water sports and fishing, and miles of trails for cross country skiing, hiking, and road or off-road bicycling, this area is buzzing with activity year-round.

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Eau Claire

An easy 90-minute drive from the Twin Cities, Eau Claire, Wis., offers an affordable, approachable retreat. A day trip here includes shops and restaurants with their own unique, independent flair. - Pioneer Press

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Chippewa Falls

We don’t have rush hour; we get to live somewhere beautiful without breaking the bank; we know our neighbors, but we don’t live on top of them. See the life you could be having by living and working in Chippewa Falls, WI.

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